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Development of a nickel-based filler metal containing a ...

The hardness of the new filler metal was about 40% that of BNi-5 filler metal containing about 10% Si. In brazing of SUS304 stainless steel, using BNi-5 filler metal, a hard and brittle finally-solidified region appeared in the brazed layers with joint clearance over 100μm.

High-temperature brazing in aerospace engineering ...

01/01/2012& 0183;& 32;AWS BNi-5 is commonly used in such appli ions because it possesses the highest solidus temperature in the entire BNi family of alloys. This filler metal also provides adequate strength and corrosion resistance owing to its high chromium content about 19% weight .Cited by: 7

Thermodynamic modelling of wetting in a B4C/Ni–Cr–Si ...

26/11/2010& 0183;& 32;According to the results of the wetting tests, the best wettability was obtained for the BNi-5 brazing alloy . Although BNi-5 showed to have better wetting characteristics among the other fillers, in this paper, it was intended to study the wetting of B 4 C by Ni–Cr–Si alloys with Ni/Cr atomic ratio of 3.4 the same as BNi-5 , but different Si contents, through thermodynamic modelling of interfacial reactions in order to improve its wetting …Cited by: 1

VITROBRAZE - VAC Magnetic Japan

VZ2106 35.0 Bal. 43.6 11.0 1.5 1.0 6.4 1.5 – VAC - Alloy Cu Ni Sn P Zn ... FOIL ALTERNATIVE TO NI 610, BNI-1A, AMS 4776 2. FOIL ALTERNATIVE TO NI 650, BNI-5, AMS 4782 nicKel BAsed Nominal composition wt. % Specifi ion Cross Reference Chart. vitroBrAZe 7 sPecificAtion cross reference chArt VAC – Alloy VITROBRAZE

CiNii 論文 - ステンレス鋼製熱交換器用Ni ろうの腐食挙動

BNi-5 Ni-Cr-Si alloy and FP-613 Ni-Cr-P-Si alloy filler metals were prepared as nickel-based brazing filler metals. Corrosion potential, galvanic current and polarizationcurves of SUS316L, BNi-5 and FP-613 were measured in a 0.06 mol/L NaCl solution at 25℃ and 80℃.

Materials Free Full-Text Microstructure and Properties ...

BNi-2, containing 2.75–3.5 mass% B element, has been commonly used in brazing of stainless steel; however, when brazing thin-walled components, B tends to diffuse to the base material and form brittle Cr-B IMCs, causing grain boundary penetration embrittlement, and dissolution corrosion, thus reducing the reliability of brazed joints 8,9,10,11,12 .

Microstructural Evolution in the Transient-Liquid-Phase ...

15/07/2008& 0183;& 32;Transient-liquid-phase TLP bonding of the IN-738LC base alloy with BNi-3 interlayer was investigated in this article. Effects of the TLP bonding thermal cycle on the base alloy were studied microstructurally and macrostructurally. Microscopic investigation revealed that the microstructural evolution in the TLP bonding area was affected substantially by the bonding temperature. Therefore, a ...Cited by: 80


alloy helps prevent conditions of underfill, voids, erosion, and excessive filler metal flow in the brazed joint. ... AWS A5.8: BNi-1 BNi-la BNi-2 BNi-3 BNi-4 BNi-9 BNi-10 BNi-11 BNi-5 BNi-14 BNi-6 BNi-7 BNi-12 BCo-1 AMS:47754776477747784779 4782 4783 RECOMMENDATIONS FOR …

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Microstructure and Properties of SUS304 Stainless Steel ...

28/7/2021& 0183;& 32;Ni-13.4Cr-11.6P alloy coating was investigated using X-ray diffraction XRD, Rigaku RINT 2200 VF, Tokyo, Japan analysis at 40 kV and 20 mA with Cu k radiation at a scan rate of 0.02 /s in the 2q range of 20–80 . For XRD analysis, the alloy coating was electrodeposited on a Cu plate to avoid interference from Cr and Ni in SUS304.

5 - High-temperature brazing: filler metals and processing

1/1/2013& 0183;& 32;BNi-9 MBF-80 40 μm thick foil was used as a filler metal in brazing at 1100–1275 & 176;C for up to 5.5 h in vacuum under a slight load. The BFM and brazing conditions were essentially those which are used during TLP processing.

Japan Copper-Alloy Products Increased 5.6 Percent in ...

Japan Copper-Alloy Product Output Grows for Fourth Month Date: Nov 24, 2013 Source: BLOOMBERG – Jae Hur and Ichiro Suzuki Japan’s output of copper and copper-alloy fabri ed products increased 5.6 percent in October, climbing for the fourth straight month, as demand from home and overseas expanded, an industry group said.

2019年5月│BNI JAPAN NEWS 世界 級の ...

24/5/2019& 0183;& 32;BNIナショナルカンフ レンス2019 in 京都が開催されました! 全国から2000名以上が参加した刺激的な4日間! BNIナショナルカンフ レンス2019 in 京都 開催レポート 5月15日~18日の4日間にわたって開催されたBNIナショナルカンフ レンス2019 in 京都は、大盛況のうちに閉幕しました。

怪しい異業種交流組織 「BNI」はコスパ ...

1/3/2020& 0183;& 32;— BNI Japan BNI Japan May 28, 2020 ある方は、ぜひそのまま読みすすめてくださいw ない方でも、営業職だったり、飲食などサービス業経営者でしたら、後々興味もてる可能性大なので、ぜひ読みすすめてみてください。

Improving pulsed laser weldability of duplex stainless ...

1/7/2019& 0183;& 32;The weld interface layer became thinner from 23 to 5 & 206;& 188;m, as the laser pulse distance was increased from 0.2 to 0.5 mm. Reinforcing of the Al alloy modified the phases at interface layer from Al& 226;ˆ’Fe intermetallic compounds IMCs in the DSS/Al alloy weld, to Al& 226;ˆ’Ni& 226;ˆ’Fe IMCs in the DSS/Al composite one, since more nickel was injected in the weld pool by BNi-2 reinforcements.

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